Queens Park Rangers (a) protest announcement

Two months ago the idea of relegation was nothing but a whisper from the shadows of St James’ Park. Now it is as harsh a reality as the poison that runs through the veins of Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United.


The club would have us ask “How can we change this as fans?”. Given the deathly silence at St James’ Park and the apathy that reigns there is only one answer. Turn up the heat.


Whether you choose to provide vocal and visual support until this battle is over, or alternatively make the atmosphere as poisonous as possible for the owner, you must make your voice heard.


At Loftus Road on Saturday we will continue to distribute red card flyers for the 34th minute protest where you can join us in a visual and audible protest against Mike Ashley’s ownership of our club.




We will be here after relegation and we will be here if we stay up. Our end goal is to remove Mike Ashley and give this club back to its rightful owners, the fans – even if that is only spiritually, under a new owner, with ambition to be the best and reconnect the club with the city and its fans. To have pride and passion in our club once again.


Plans are being prepared to have a major impact at the final game of the season against West Ham and we will announce them in due course following the game against Queens Park Rangers.


We hereby make a call to all Newcastle United supporters, and indeed all football supporters, to make Ashley aware that he is no longer wanted or welcomed at our club or in our city. His absence has been duly noted from the past few games at a time when other club representatives have called for unity and support.


This Newcastle United is not OUR Newcastle United.




  • mickey667

    Good on you lads.

    Need to keep long term perspective. We’ll probably scrape a result somewhere to stay up imo but that should not and will not keep us quiet.

    Escalation all the way

  • C88kie

    Why now at this point of the season. I want Ashley out as much as the next person but a poisonous atmosphere, a team with fragile confidence and relegation battle are bad combination.

    • Alex

      So, when??

      Could’ve done it in October & November, but, oh no, we got a few points and ‘fans’ thought it was all hunky dory and rosy again.

  • John Williams

    I want our football club to stay up but there is no way forward with Ashley at the helm.
    I would love to see bed sheets covering all his shi# direct signage throughout SJP v west ham. Stay up or go down this football club will go no where with MA FACT.

  • Taters3


    This Newcastle United is not OUR Newcastle United. Not until we develop fan ownership.

    That should be the end game goal. Fan ownership. Portsmouth did it. Drive the vampire out, then make it ours.