West Ham United (h) protest announcement: #OccupySJP

After another embarrassing performance against already relegated Queens Park Rangers at the weekend, we go into the final game of the season with relegation a very realistic prospect.


John Carver and the players deserve to carry part of the blame, but this most recent impending disaster has been years in the making. Mike Ashley has made countless decisions with complete disregard for the club’s or the fans’ interests. Decisions that have resulted in a weak, unbalanced, spiritless squad and a manager woefully out of his depth. The club now finds itself in another late season struggle, the third in its last six Premier League campaigns. A fight for Premier League survival which could, and should, have been easily avoided had past lessons been adequately learned.


Mike Ashley however hasn’t learned any lessons in his time owning the club. He is not interested in learning. He is not interested in our club, not in the same way you and I are. For eight years now he has ruthlessly exploited our passion for our club for his own personal benefit.




Many fans will continue their boycott, and avoid the West Ham United game. This is something we encourage and support as it will hit Mike Ashley where it hurts him the most. However due to the nature of the fixture on Sunday, and what is at stake for the club, we understand that many fans will find it very difficult to stay away. For those among us choosing to give up their season tickets, this will be our last game at St. James’ Park until Mike Ashley leaves. We therefore aim to make the most of this final opportunity to deliver our message inside the stadium in the strongest possible terms.




Whatever the result of the game and the outcome of the “battle” against relegation, during and following any lap of ‘honour’ that might or might not take place, we will continue to occupy the ground after the final whistle and we urge all Newcastle United supporters to join us in this form of protest, which has been cleared with Northumbria Police. Bring your flags, bring your banners and most importantly bring your voices. Together we will make it clear that enough is enough and demand – on the worldwide platform that is Sky Sports – that the man ultimately responsible for the club’s demise into mediocrity, Mike Ashley himself, puts the club up for sale with immediate effect to “a worthy custodian of such a fine football club”, which is how he said he judged potential takeover parties when he first took the club off the market in 2008.


We have no specific protests planned to take place during the game so as not to disrupt the outcome in any way, shape or form. However once again we encourage all fans to show their displeasure in any way they see fit. You need no permission or direction to protest, this is your club.




  • average_contents

    You’ve completely and utterly give him what he wants. He’ll be laughing his fcuking tits off now.

    Everything you’ve achieved has now been for nothing.

    • mickey667

      Long game mate. Mass season ticket cancellations no matter what.

  • mickey667

    Occupy where and for how long? The stands? The Boardroom? Shall we bring sleeping bags? An occupation implies taking over the space permanently, and is only really effective if that is the tactic.

    Occupy indefinitely with a series of demands on which we will leave. Take the boardroom, bring food, lock the doors, release demands.

    I must say, we’re not going to get very far if you have to ok your protests with the police every time. That is not a call to deliberately break law of course, however effective civil disobedience needs to be disruptive, and the police will not make prior agreements to things they believe will be disruptive enough to be effective.

    I’m afraid to say things seem to be de-escalating rather than escalating. However i am an optimist so lets re-dpubke our efforts and tactics throughout the summer.

  • Bobby

    It’s what happens when you make it up as you go along Mickey.

  • Billy Blagger

    Ashley Out – you suggest people bring their flags and banners. are you sure about this. I could be mistaken for reading your statement that this has been cleared with Northumbria Police -might be the way the article is written. However, I should point out that the club decides what goes into the ground and NOT the police. Some clarification is required here.

  • Richard

    This is a very timid form of protest. We need to have maximum effect with this final game of the season. I’d suggest fans to totally boycott the game or if people insist on going and occupying stay in the stands/get on the pitch and be there for hours and hours after the game.

    Failing that do what Blackpool fans did, storm the pitch and ruin the Premier League’s finale, they certainly won’t take kindly to that and the club will be hit hard, possibly even docking points. A champinship club with no players/manager capable of bringing it back up will not sut Mike Ashley one bit and as a fan I’d support/follow the club no matter what league we are in, I’ve enjoyed plenty non-league football this year with my local team.

    People need to stand up and show we mean business, not kinly as permission if nobody would mind if we stayed back 5 minutes to boo.

  • Richard


    sneak things in, good luck to stewards removing flags/banners from 5/6,000 people, they’d never get round to it.

  • lee

    . Big mistake waiting till after game if we get hammered, ground could already be empty. Leting him of hook again. Need to protest before during and After. Set the sprinklers off in shop ruin his stock. Set fire alarms off in ground ect. If i knew there would be plenty support for this i would end my 2 year excile to join in

  • Guest 2

    The match is live on Sky – why on earth waste 90 mins of protest time and save stuff for after the match ends? Joke new strips peddled out today; Finance Director, Irving, quits and his assistant is off on his toes also – and a sit-in is proposed?

  • chris

    if Newcastle are getting beat by west ham and news comes in that hull are winning then I can guarantee there will be a mass protest on the pitch and the game will not finish hopefully man utd put out a strong team or Newcastle can win but even so the fans need to protest by not renewing there season tickets and keep protesting against this fat Ashley regime.

  • Mark

    Shouldn’t you lot be in hiding by now? Forced out a perfectly good manager who would have easily kept us clear of danger. Talk about pressing the self destruct button.
    Ashley might not be the best owner but force him out too and we are going down and not coming back up, and none of us will enjoy that.
    I honestly sometimes think that some of you have nothing at all going on in your lives other than Newcastle United, so if there’s no drama happening there you’ll force drama just so you have a bit of excitement in your life.
    I miss the days when I could be proud to say I am a Newcastle fan, the days when many people’s second team was Newcastle, now everyone is turning against us, laughing at us and rightly so.
    Very sad situation.

    • Guest 2

      The good manager who managed only 33 points from 39 games (Dec 29th ’13 to Dec 28th ’14) The same bloke who only just avoided relegation the season before when we finished 16th?
      When we were everyone’s second team it was because of KK and a brand of football you have never and will never see under Ashley (or the likes of Pardew), so stop being a hypocrite.

    • Harry Gibson

      Are you serious a “perfectly GOOD manger”.
      He was sh#t, total and utter mediocre. Is that what you want? We want our club to challenge, maybe not win every thing, but challenge. Go and watch sunderland if you want a average manager, average fans average team, average stadium.
      Have you even thought about what you just wrote here.
      I will support newcastle until I die. The premier league or confrence it makes no difference as long as we have hope and don’t settle for mediocrity.

  • Guest 2

    Sunday Poster suggestion

  • Taters3

    Sit-ins to block entrance to the ground? Is that what you’re talking about? This is very unclear.

    Boycott S*!#@% Direct, boycott St. James, cancel season tickets, don’t buy club merch…

    Instead put all that money into funds to build fan ownership. Cheaply priced shares for small fish like me, wealthier fans can buy more shares. Get some ex-players, managers and wealthy locals to get the ball rolling.

    Portsmouth did it.

    • Mark

      And look where they are now! We’re going to force our own club down. Nobody can perform at their best in the toxic hostile atmosphere you’ll create on Sunday.

      • Taters3

        I won’t be there Sunday.

        And my comment is more about asking what this “occupation” will look like in actual fact.

        I find the original post to be extremely vague, poorly conceived and impossible to interpret or execute.

        I’m all for protesting, organizing and so on, but this particular post is not helpful except to keep the anger bubbling. “Anger is an energy,” but without focus and direction it dissipates into entropy.

  • Ray Blakey

    He is a business man. Only interested in Money. We need encourage as many fans as possible to take cars, caravans, mini buses, coaches, motor bikes, push bikes, donkeys etc down to Shirebrook and completely block the road system so workers can’t get in and trucks can’t get out. Hit him right where it hurts every weekend throughout the summer and bring his business to a standstill. No need to boycott shops, just jam up his distribution centre where all the internet sales come from. WE NEED ORGANISED ACTION NOW TO SAVE OUR CLUB FROM THIS CANCER!