Updated #BoycottSpurs protest announcement

Ten days ago, only one day after we launched AshleyOut.com, we publicly backed the #BoycottSpurs concept first floated on Twitter by @NUFC_Stats and quickly endorsed by many, for a one-match boycott of the Tottenham Hotspur game due to be televised by Sky Sports from St. James’ Park on Sunday 19th April at 4pm.

In our initial announcement we promised we would endeavour to provide materials, manpower and publicity to ensure the protest becomes a success, and we are well on course to deliver on that promise. Today we can announce our finalised plans, after liaising with Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council.



From one hour before kick off we will have volunteers at the ready to hand out 20,000 A4 leaflets explaining the details of the protest, and which can also be used to send Mike Ashley a clear message, whether inside St. James’ Park or outside, that the fans of Newcastle United have had enough.

We would like to invite you to join us for a visual and audible pre-boycott/game protest behind the Gallowgate, opposite to the club shop, starting 30 minutes before kick-off, at 3:30pm (not in Leazes Park as previously stated!)

Following this protest, we will head over to Leazes Park after the game has kicked off, where no specific protest activities have been planned, but where we will spend one and a half hours feeding the ducks, watching the grass grow and having a kick-about with fellow fans (there is every chance you will see more determination than on the pitch a few hundred feet to the South). We encourage those fans who wish to boycott the game for the greater cause, but who can’t deal without their weekly fix of Newcastle United, to watch the game in one of the many pubs who have offered discounts to (season) ticket holders during the game in support of #BoycottSpurs. A list of participating venues can be found at the end of this statement.

Just before full-time we will head back to behind the Gallowgate end towards the corner of Strawberry Place and Barrack Road where all fans are invited to join us for a post-boycott/game protest starting at 5:45pm.


Whilst we ultimately respect each individual fan’s decision on whether to join the boycott or indeed our protests before kick-off and after full-time, we urge every Newcastle fan to join us in this peaceful demonstration of unity and strength to show the world that we want a club to be proud of once again.

Whether Sunday’s boycott is heeded by 500 or 50,000, AshleyOut.com will be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with like-minded fans as together we take the first step in reclaiming our club

This is only the start. Ashley out.


List of pubs supporting #BoycottSpurs and offering (season) ticket holders a discount on display of their valid season or match ticket below. To get your venue listed please publish your discount offer on Twitter and/or Facebook and send us your details and specifics of your offer for (season) ticket holders on [email protected]:

  • The Hotspur (doubles for singles on any house spirit)
  • The Victoria, North Shields (buy one pint, get the second pint for free)
  • Spring Gardens, North Shields (first two drinks at half price)
  • The Lord Ashley Pub, South Shields (50p off every pint)


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  • geordyal

    go to Rangers get them back in the prem and sell us to someone who want to win something someone with ambition

    • anonymous_rangers_fan

      Er, please don’t send him to us! We don’t want him!

      • chris_1975


        Your rotten lot are already stuck with him….

        Jelly n ice cream 2 on the way yaaassss!!!

  • Dan

    Do you think the club would be able to loan us a few footballs to have a kick about and a some jumpers for goalposts too? Great work guys loving this. #BoycottSpurs #AshleyOut

  • Geoff Themagpie Robinson

    I will be in the Percy arms Percy st (beer garden) with other #maoc members from around 2pm if you can drop off some leaflets we will happily hand them out

  • Malcolm Nufc Wynn

    Great work lads and lasses, Together we shall all STAND UNITED.. Can someone contact me on my e-mail account so I can go around and pin up flyers across Newcastle… Proud to be involved in hopefully ridding ourselves of this ambitionless menace….. [email protected]

  • DaveyBattyFanClub

    Well done AslhleyOut.

  • taters3

    Organizing for fan ownership is the next logical step, brothers and sisters.

    We can all say “our club” till we’re blue in the face, but until we actually, literally make it our club, the place belongs to that bag o’ shit.

  • Graham’s Barber Shop Shiremoor

    Your either with us or against us. If you support this, well done. If your against us don’t moan about ashley afterwards. Thats my opinion. Enough said. ENJOY THE PROTEST

  • Bob Opaque

    You tards. The only reason Ashley is still here is because you daft shites will buy season tickets in six weeks time regardless. You pay to be entertained yet there has been no entertainment for years. Well done for catching on and costing him a few grand in beer money during a pointless match.

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  • taters3

    Invite others to join–but don’t condemn those who choose not to do so.

    Unity! Eyes on the prize: Step one–Ashley out. Step two–fans buy the club!

    • Diego_Costa_Screams

      A bit of a stretch, but it’s possible. Portsmouth and Wimbledon have done it.

  • Toontrev

    I cannot see the sense in paying for a season ticket and staying away especially when we have not got enough points to secure premiership survival. Boycotting the the over priced food and drink inside the ground would be a better option, not buying programme’s or anything from the club shop makes more sense to me.

    • Geordie-kev

      Instead of all this palava with Ashleyout, why don’t you’s just boycot what ever he owns. Go see the match but don’t buy a match programme, a pint in Nine or anywhere in St James, don’t but from any of his numerous shop’s, he dosen’t just own sportsdirect.com (58% ownership) ie USC, Republic, Flannels, Pulp, Lillywhites, Gilesports and Cruise. Sportsdirect own all them other companies. He has several fashion brands owned within the Sports Direct family, which have been acquired over a number of years. These include (very controversially) Firetrap, Hot Tuna, No Fear, Golddigga and the menswear licence for DKNY. Sports Direct now owns 12.7 per cent of Debenhams. He own’s 11% of House of Frazer. he also bought JJB Sports. There are other’s, outdoor shops etc. So if you really want to try and hurt his pocket, don’t send in his companies! But you’s will and you’ll most likely whinge at the next ‘Messiah’ that buys NUFC!

      • Toontrev

        That’s the point I was trying to make without going into a rant. I get fed up with seeing some of the “Ashley out chanters” on the concourse at half time buying food and drink from the kiosks. I knew Ashley had numerous business interests to avoid and I wish I could afford to buy from cruise!.

        • Geordie-kev

          Toontrev, there’ll always be hypocrit’s at the match.

      • Taters3

        We should be doing this in addition to boycotting home games, not instead.

        • Geordie-kev

          No, until the season is finished, if your a season ticket holder, we should go watch the matches. AShley has our monies wether we go or not so he won’t be bothered. Next season, if he’s still there, don’t renew our season tickets. Their will be thousands of daft shites that will renew though! I won’t be!

          • Taters3

            I’ll respectfully disagree with you, and you have your right to go, but if you do go to the matches I feel fans should not spend another cent there and it goes without saying fans should not give a penny to the loan sharks and the shops that will not be named.

          • Toontrev

            Guess who’s one of them daft shites,.

  • Steve

    Good luck today all nufc fans. Not a nufc fan myself I can understand what has driven you to this point. I hope as many as possible turn out for the boycott and is the start of a good change for you all. Men like mike ashley will end up showing other people that clubs can make a profit so we need to prevent this happening at other clubs for the sake of English football.

  • Tom

    A boycott of a televised game makes sense (Toontrev…listen up) …..support at Newcastle United is known throughout the world and anyone seeing empty seats at a stadium with a regular gate of 52,000 will get a visual message that something is WRONG….Mike Ashley. This is not about hitting his pocket ….we’ve got no chance of that. Someone out there …Saudi Prince,Russian oligarch…someone who recognises the passion and potential of a Club capable of challenging the Man U’s and Chelsea …..might just get the message.

    • Toontrev

      I understand what you say Tom. We need to find some form of protest that everyone will do to show Ashley the depth of the fans discontent too many of us will not boycott the games but want to express how we feel. How is the problem?. I feel the club will spend this summer surely they cannot again promise change and go back on their word..

  • Adam Spreadborough

    thats what happens when u dont want pardew who was doing a good job for you. Good one newcastle fans

  • Martin Proll

    You have to give credit to the 47,000 that showed up today. Those are the true fans that, whatever gripe they may have, will turn up and get behind who really matters – the team. Throwing toys out of the pram and just not going will ultimately backfire and make the feather-ruffling minority look like what they truly are – ‘fair-weather fans’.

    • Lilongwe Geordie

      47000 that turned up? Not likely mate. As for fair weather fans, how is it getting behind the team when the ground is quieter than at any point in my lifetime? Watching it on TV I could only hear Spurs fans.

      I have no qualms with those who still go in, but to claim you are backing the team and then sit in silence is laughable. If you want to get behind the team, do that, go in, make yourself heard.

    • Montagu Montgomery

      The official attendance figure is the total number of tickets sold for the game, including all season tickets. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the number of folk actually in the ground.

      An alternative view of “real fans” could be that those who are prepared to not show up, despite having paid for their ticket already and against the habit of a lifetime, are those that wish – and need – to see changes.

      How many true fans will be left in the ground when we’re back in the Championship with no funds for strengthening the team?

    • the old codger

      WHY PAY MONEY TO WATCH YOUR CLUB DIE, I’LL SUPPORT MY CLUB TILL THE DAY I DIE, PURE CRAP, YOUR PAYING MONEY TO WATCH YOUR CLUB DIE, I will not buy a season ticket next season but I will cherry pick the games I go to see. That means I don’t have to watch to much dross and if we all did the same how many empty seats would there be at each home game. That way I will ease off without missing games altogether, At least that will be my stance not giving Ashley money up front that way he’ll have to earn it