West Brom (h) – An infamous number 9?

An eighth consecutive loss. A club in free-fall, now only two points above the drop zone. A manager publicly accusing a player of deliberately getting sent off. A club captain fighting with the keeper on the team bus. A plea to the fans to support the team (as if that’s not what we’ve been doing) written by a captain who recently spent some time overseas whilst the team were struggling. A club statement assuring fans that “our” club is now absolutely focused on retaining its Premier League status, and that its manager will remain in charge.  A Managing Director’s failed attempt at drafting in a manager with three games to go.


If any fan was still in any doubt about the extent of mismanagement by the current administration, the last week has provided all the evidence needed. For the third time in seven top flight seasons under Mike Ashley survival is in the balance at this very late stage of the season. A situation which has come about, yet again, because of choices made by Ashley, Charnley and their staff. Despite PR leaks regarding ‘top ten finishes’, they’re just aiming for Premier League survival, every season. It’s looking increasingly as if they’re going to fail, again.


As one national journalist observed last week, Newcastle United in its current state probably deserves relegation due to its flawed business model and the arrogance of its administration. The fans, however, those who support the club come rain or shine, most certainly do not.


As before, we call on (season) ticket holders and members to make their own minds up about whether they attend the upcoming game against West Bromwich Albion. A fixture which could become our 9th defeat on the bounce. We are not organising a protest to take place during the game. However, we will not discourage anyone who wants to protest at any time. This is your club, your choice.


Ashley Out!


  • Darryn

    The boycott continues….You just have to look at how many tickets are still available for Saturdays game !!

    • MonkseatonMag

      How many?

  • lee

    Why not so a blackpool on the pitch get game called off. Same at qpr and west ham. As last night vote showed you can not rely on everone to do what they say. It is obvious they dread relegation pr bombardment tis week proves it. Get the game called off points deducted or replayed behind closed doors lost revenue and can you see that lot wining in an empty stadium. More pressure need adding. Please dont let him off the hook again as we will all end up like clegg and millaband. And bk to square one.

  • deanzy1

    i will campaign for you bunch of tosspots to rid us of the likes of you.been bought off i see by the fat man.

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