Mike Ashley has never taken a hands on approach to Newcastle United, opting instead to appoint a number of directors to do his dirty work for him on a day to day basis. A significant number of these directors had no previous experience in football and appear to have been picked only because they were trusted allies of Mike Ashley himself, without consideration to the qualities needed to be a success in the job. An overview of the directors that have been in charge in various positions at Newcastle United during Ashley’s ownership.

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  • Grunta

    Well done lads! Keep up the good work

  • Grand Stuff

  • Adrienne

    If everyone didn’t renew their season ticket Ashley would start to take notice. What about an empty ground for an expression of fans’ feelings? Don’t give the man another penny of your money. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • MonkseatonMag

      Its the ONLY way to get him out. A full stadium is the ‘backdrop’ to the Sports Direct Advertising Machine that was once a proud football club. Removal of the ‘backdrop. will hurt him.

      #Whatever happens, and for the long-term good of the club do NOT renew your season tickets.

  • Multisitio

    Turn your backs, don’t go, don’t buy season trickets, don’t buy the merchandise. Gateshead are crying out for your support to get them into the league. Support the people who are worth it – not Ashley FC.

    • Leazes Ender

      You’re John Gibson aren’t you?

      • Multisitio

        hah – sadly, I am a non-resident of Geordieland but these days I wouldn’t go on principle.

  • Leazes Ender

    Ah Chris Mort…that name conjures a myth!

  • mickthemag99

    Thank you and good luck. The sooner this cancerous blood sucker is removed from our club the better!

    • MonkseatonMag

      But he’ll not go anytime soon as long as there are full houses every week. Toon Army – you know what to do……..

      #Whatever happens, and for the long-term good of the club do NOT renew your season tickets.

  • berlingooner

    Worth checking out this BBC iPlayer coverage of the Scottish Affairs select committee session on Sports Direct and the sale of USC for a deeper insight into how Ashley operates (as if you really needed one!).

  • mr m crane

    When Ashley said his family stayed away from st james for there own safety,he probley said I will show this lot,and this is what he is doing running the club in to the ground,while making a fortune at the same time.He will leave at some stage ,but only when he has killed OUR CLUB

  • Toonarden

    Keep this going and if any typical cowardly bleeding hearts moan at you – ignore them.
    There HAS to be a LONG, LONG concerted effort to get this cancer out of our club or quite simply, we won’t have one to pass on to future generations of Toon fans.
    Don’t give in, give up or just fade away and don’t let one unexpected decent result deflect from the mission.
    I’m approaching 70 and I don’t want to go to my grave with this guy running and destroying my beloved club which I’ve supported since I was a kid.

  • Guest 2
  • Paul Chambers

    We need a drone for spudsgame

  • dude

    it amazes me what a sheltered life you guys live you seem to have very little intelligence about and here is a big one managers , the track record says it all you get exited about managers who have a poor track record ? and you seem to accept the inevitable with your owner, at least this site and the authors are doing something positive, the sheep need to abandon the games and martial law needs to be applied at the turn styles if you want to make an impact

  • Spacio Ninho

    I am from Asia, It’s been frustrating to see my beloved club at the stage where it is. Yes, this ‘fire’ has spread to Asia. Even right here, far from UK, the fans are tired of watching Newcastle being used as a private company. I for one, will join in the boycott if I were to be in Tyneside. Like many fans here, I believed we all can swallow defeats, trophy-less, cup-less, BUT one thing that angers us most is the lack of ambition, passion and lack of spirit. Everything roots down to the chairman Mr. Mike Ashley. Sir, if you are seeing this, please do our club a favor and leave. I beg you not to run a football club like a business operandi. You are ruining the beauty of football. Do you count yourself successful if you made massive profits from a football club?

  • Emma Gray

    ive supported them all my life but i am now apthetic beyond fed up team r shite manager shite all best players r always sold shley only cares about profits our club is going backwards this year team go missing every week i dont mind losing if they play well well we havent seen it all season. they r paid proffessionals and lousy we never play with instensity or passiion im beyond fed up done with club until he goes every other clus gets players and a new manger not ashley he has no clue neither do carver. i hhavent bought any of his spots direect shit for nearly two years out of pnciple. lol going to support north shields least they play like a team. we need change

  • Martin Buchan

    As a Glasgow Rangers fan I wish all Newcastle fans the best with their campaign to get rid of Ashley. You all have to stand together and hit this parasite in the only place he cares, the wallet. The man only cares about money, that’s the only reason he is involved in football. I hope you are successful, at Rangers we have loosened his grip but he’s still in the background, and we will not be happy until he’s out of the club completely. Good luck!

  • DaveyD

    The man is driven by money. So there’s only one thing that will get Ashley out, declining revenue. If we want to truely get rid of him, the only way is to start a campaign against renewing season tickets, attending matches and buying merchandise.

  • Anne Mumford

    I wish to God that this sickening, disheartening, infuriating, gutwrenchingingly upsetting season was over and yet I fear next season. Cashley has really done it hasn’t he. He’s succeeded in ripping our beloved Club to bits and left us with what? We’re embarrassed, upset, angry. Have I left anything out?

  • Eddie Cesar

    Ashley home now sooner than later offering new and used home’s car’s not included.