Outside NUFC

Newcastle United have a “commercial partnership” with the brands below. AshleyOut.com asks all supporters to consider these under embargo. We would also ask that fans use Twitter, Facebook, emails and letters to let these companies know that they are being boycotted and why.

It is imperative that these companies feel a weight of pressure to make a decision to pull out of the club. We encourage EVERY fan or person sympathising with our cause to use their voice to add to that weight.


A template for (e)mail is provided below:

[Company name, Address, Postcode]


Subject: Mike Ashley Embargo

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I am boycotting all of Mike Ashley’s business interests. I have taken this step in protest at the way Mike Ashley has run Newcastle United and as an active participant in the Ashley Embargo outlined at AshleyOut.com.

As your company is currently a commercial partner of Newcastle United you fall under this embargo. I encourage you to cease any further business with Mike Ashley and Newcastle United until he sells the club.

As long as your company continues to trade with Mike Ashley and Newcastle United I will continue to boycott you and will encourage others to do likewise both in person and via social media. I would encourage you to join the supporters of Newcastle United in this embargo of Mike Ashley and to stand with us against Mike Ashley rather than with him, against us.

Yours faithfully

[Name and signature]


We have created Twitter templates to inform the main “commercial partners” of Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United to help you inform them that you consider them under embargo. Simply press the buttons below and press Tweet in the newly opened browser window or tab:












Sports Direct

Twitter: @SportsDirectUK
Facebook: https://twitter.com/sportsdirectuk
Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @wongagillian
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wongacom
Email: [email protected]


Further to the boycott of Wonga, AshleyOut.com would also like to plainly state that in our view no Newcastle supporter should be seen wearing a Wonga strip, be it an older one or the newest official club kit sporting Wonga sponsorship. People have at times even joined our anti Ashley protests wearing Wonga sponsored shirts and the message this sends to the nation is extremely confusing. For an alternative strip free of advertising we refer to @themagpiebrand on Twitter, who can also be found on Facebook.



Twitter: @puma #ForeverFaster
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PUMA
Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @coorslightuk
Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @carling



Twitter: @138dotcom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/138com
Email: [email protected]


Thomas Cook

Twitter: @ThomasCookUK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomascook
Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @viagogo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viagogo
Email: [email protected]


Pulman Volkswagen

Twitter: @pulmanvw #ThatsPulman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pulmanvolkswagen
Email: [email protected]



Mike Ashley himself has a financial interest in many retails stores and brands. AshleyOut.com consider all of these to be under embargo too:


  • Antigua
  • Blacks
  • Blu E-Cigs
  • Campri
  • Carlton
  • Converse
  • Crafted
  • Cruise
  • Debenhams
  • DKNY
  • Donnay
  • Dunlop
  • Everlast
  • Fabric
  • Firetrap
  • Flamingo Land
  • Full Circle
  • Gelert
  • Golddigga
  • GStar
  • Holler Watches
  • Hot Tuna
  • House of Fraser
  • Flannels
  • Heatons
  • JD Sports
  • Kangol
  • Karrimor
  • LA Gear
  • Levi’s
  • Lillywhites
  • Lonsdale
  • MegaValue.com
  • Muddyfox
  • Nevica
  • No Fear
  • Pulp
  • Republic
  • Rock & Rags
  • Slazenger
  • Sondico
  • SoulCal
  • Soviet
  • Sportland International Group (SIG) – Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania
  • Sports Direct
  • Sports Eybl & Sports Sports Experts Group AG (EAG) – Austria/Germany
  • Title
  • Tradepoint
  • USC
  • Van Mildert
  • Voodoo Dolls
  • Warrnambool



AshleyOut.com needs your help.  If you have any further information, requests or suggestions in this area please let us know at [email protected]