Déjà vu?

Game number 13. Unlucky for some. Deserved for others.


Approximately 34% of the way through the season for those of you who would rather look at things a little more objectively. Newcastle at the end of this fixture were sitting on 10 points, and would seemingly finish on 30 points if more of what we’d seen thus far was yet to come, but how many of us could hand on heart say we’re even capable of hitting that?


2015 has become arguably the worst year in Newcastle United’s long history, with only 5 wins from as many as 33 (league) games. What’s even worse is the fact we’d have a points total of 23 points from those same games and even if you wanted to extend it to our last 38 league games we’d only have 26. So based on the fact, that in the Premier League era it takes approximately 38 points to stay in the division, that’s not only relegation form, that’s gone without the trace of a fight.


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