buzz words

Our local pool ace and sports bar owner Brian ‘Buzzer’ Halcrow has taken it upon himself to take his personal stand against Mike Ashley to a whole new level. This time on a worldwide platform. The disgruntled Newcastle United fan, together with his sons, had already ‘walked the walk’ and cancelled their season tickets following the last several years at St James’ watching Mike Ashley’s cash cow. Now, the South Shields stationed magpie aims to wear a shirt displaying an “Ashley Out” message at the World Championships in Blackpool.
To see what Brian had to say, take a look here.
We’d like to thank Mr Halcrow for taking this stance so publically, and doing all he can to ensure the wider public and sports fans across the globe are aware of just how inept our owner is.
Furthermore, we encourage fellow sportsmen and women, celebrities, business people and politicians to speak out in similar vein.
This club needs to return to being our club, and that will be achieved when the frauds running it are removed from power.