Dear John (an open letter to John Carver)

Dear John,

It was with surprise that we took note of your comments about the impact the boycott and our protests had on your team’s performance last Sunday vs Tottenham Hotspur. In case you don’t remember, this is what you had to say on the matter this afternoon:

“I’ve got to say we talked after the game last week about, and I’ll talk about the protest and I genuinely thought at the time that the protest wouldn’t make any difference and it shouldn’t and I didn’t want to use it as an excuse for players but I think it did affect people, it does affect you, it affected me slightly and it certainly affected some of the players and I know there is another one coming this week, but at least people are coming in the stadium and if it’s a protest for one minute and that it only lasts for one minute then we’ve got 89 minutes to get on with the game.

“Again, I’ll say it, I don’t have a problem with protests, you know, people are entitled to do it but at least people are coming in the stadium this time, cause it certainly did – and it wasn’t an excuse – it certainly did affect the performance.”

Source: BBC

This contradicts directly what you said in the post match press conference of the Spurs game:

“People are entitled to do what they want and they have their opinion. I don’t think that has affected what has gone on on the pitch today. We’re all professional and as soon as they crossed that line, no matter what is going on around them it shouldn’t bother them. Yeah it can help them when the crowd are behind the team but a situation like it was shouldn’t affect them. We lost the game because we weren’t good enough.”

Source: The Chronicle

Now, this campaign is aimed at Mike Ashley and not at you because quite frankly, you are merely another symptom of the disease that is slowly killing our beloved club, but we would like to point out a few things if that is ok with you.

Firstly, it appears to happen rather a lot these past few weeks that what you claim should or should not happen on a pitch does not translate to what actually happens during the match. Despite your assurances that no Newcastle team would ever go down without a fight in the derby that is exactly what happened, and now you want us to believe that missing a “few thousand” fans (you might remember the club announced the official and actual attendance as 47,427 and they are not known to regularly distort the truth so that must have been correct) affected the players and the performance?

Secondly, we would also like to point out that the team was on a five game losing streak prior to this particular match, on 9 points from 14 games and a -13 goal difference since you became the “interim” manager, so it would seem frivolous to suggest that the boycott and protests had any demonstrable effect on the players. We believe it would be far more productive for you to question whether your selections and tactics might be having an adverse effect on performances, rather than the actions of those not present at the stadium that day.

Thirdly and lastly, we would like to ask you what, apart from being on Mike Ashley’s payroll, has brought about the change in your opinion of Mike Ashley between these two quotes attributed to you, the first at the time of Chris Hughton’s sacking and the second in today’s press conference?

December 2010 – “Unfortunately the guy at the top makes the decisions and we’re all suffering because of it”

Source: BBC (radio interview, well worth a listen John if you don’t remember what your thoughts were at the time)


Today – “The majority of people will agree he (Ashley) has done a good job. We’re now in a good position to go forward”

You plead for Newcastle United fans to give you and your squad of players the support you require to avoid getting sucked in another relegation battle, but as far as we are concerned our club has our full support. We are not protesting because we have lost interest or because we wish to see our club do badly in case you are wondering, we are protesting because we want to save our club before it is too late and there is nothing left to save. As a Geordie, we shouldn’t really have to tell you that though John, should we?

Amazing! Thoroughly deserved, we’ve been saying this on our forums for a while, he totally contradicted his original opinion of Ashley. He just reeks of desparation to cling on to a job he has no merit being in, much like Pardew and his public grovellings.

The whole club is a joke, top to bottom and Carvdew is the class clown.

Great work guys, keep it up!!

Not long till appears then…..

No, the difference being Pardew split opinion and drove a divide between supporters. Everyone knows the real problem is Ashley and everyone knows Carver isn’t up to the job. One goal, Ashley will bring it all down.

The sentiment is good, but the English and grammar is appalling. If you’re going to make a significant protest get a proof reader in!

Billy E
My thoughts exactly. I totally emphasise with the message, but it needs to be written a little bit better guys – otherwise it has the grace of primary school ramblings.

Perhaps you should’ve checked your own message before posting?
Too much emphasis not enough empathy.

Billy E
That’s the point though. An android typo on a blog means zip.
Surely a published article needs a tad more polish?

Malcolm Whitfield
Whilst I completely agree with the above letter, I really don’t think it goes deep enough. Every single week we have either a player from the club or Mr. Carver himself making quotes and promises in the press that “We are all aware of what we need to do” and that this and that will be done. As Ashley and co never speak to the press, then it should be the same for everyone at the club. I for one don’t want to see rubbish spouted off in the press what “we need to do” go out there play the game and fight like you mean it. Then say this is what we done. Select some of the youth squad and let them have the chance to prove themselves, and most of them certainly perform better than the 1st team squad…….I have made my own protest, as after supporting the Toon since I was 8, I am now 62, I have notified the club that I am not renewing my ticket and I also stated that this is due to the non management of Ashley and co.

In my eyes, years of underachieving have come solely from appointing third-rate english managers from the scrap heap. Ashley seems to think many years in mangement roles is more important than quality. Trouble is with experienced hands, we can only get the ones nobody wants and have worked their way down the leagues. McLaren, Bruce, Redknapp, etc. We should have got Sherwood or Tuchel who will go on to be big managers at top clubs. Other managers we should be looking at are Howe, Brentfords manager, Norwichs manager, Karanka (all four are doing better than McLaren with weaker squads) or the manager of Guingamp.

Tony Mckenzie
The letter, which I think is a fair assessment, is a letter that targets Carver which I find both negative and non progressive. If Carver actually reads this, how do you think he should respond ? From JC’s shoes, here is a man who has very fortunately landed his dream job but now finds himself completely out his depth, his own realisation of this locking horns with ‘living the dream’ scenario he finds himself in. The man needs a get out clause ! not blame or challenge. From NUFC fans to another NUFC fan, ask for his resignation with some empathy, this at least gives the man a chance to leave with some dignity. An olive branch which gives him that opportunity to hold up his hands and to be honest with himself – i tried but its time to go – Carver needs help in reaching this decision and the sooner the better.

As the letter says, the campaign is about Ashley. The letter reads to me like a reaction to Carver’s absurd comments on the Spurs boycott. The club told the press that barely anyone took part in the boycott, but Carver is silly enough to go back on himself to blame the boycott for his 6th defeat running. While I agree the campaign shouldn’t target the manager, he specifically blamed AshleyOut for the defeat, and is fair game for a reactionary comment.

Tony Mckenzie
Like I said i think the letter is a fair assessment, and I take your point that its a reaction to all thats going on. Carver though is the rabbit in the headlights surrounded by snares yet still dreaming of being that geordie hero. A man under stress is a man who will most likely act wrongly, my olive branch resignation suggestion could be the rabbits air-lift out of there.

He believes what he is saying, he is that daft.

Tony Mckenzie
Daft ? Carver is just not the sharpest
marble in the box ………Self Belief ? he is only being ignorant of his own
incompetence. You can’t blame a person for their intellect level, but a person
who purposely employs a person of low intellect should not be trusted. That
person could be one of many things…….control freak, narcissist, sociopath,
psychopath, sadist, …………….Ashley displays several traits attributed
to these character types…….one thing for sure he cares not about NUFC or
the supporters or indeed football or sport in general. Ashley is a modern day
empire builder, money is probably now secondary to his need to control, it
becomes a game that he must win and he plays it with no empathy and often seems
to be laughing at those he makes suffer……………..He has built his empire
on the back of the working class underpaid masses. NUFC should be investigated
by the FA……if like reported, NUFC have no ambition to win a cup or finish
in a European qualifying position then surely this could interpreted as a form
of match fixing by way of playing lesser talented players in wrong positions
with tactful instructions that play to the opponents strengths……….Supporters
need to unite and stay away and rally football supporters from other clubs and
make Sports Direct a No-Go-Store……support football not billionaire
parasites………….Secondly the supporters should pressure the FA to
investigate the running of NUFC on the basis of possible match fixing on the
evidence of the well documented ambition of the club. Other protest – next NUFC
sky game…all walk out during the game at agreed time, cover up Wonga badge with
a suitable replacement (a charity org badge would be good) all this muddies the
Ashley brand. Play Ashley at his own, he empire builds by relying on his
perception that the masses are stupid and inferior, so turn the masses on him
and pile on the pressure……..Power to the fans !

Laurent Robert 32
Excellent, fellas. Keep on pushing and I’ll keep helping you.

I think the tone of this is wrong. I’m with the campaign, broadly, but the personal sniping at Carver does not help the case. Strip this of the personal venom against him.

I agree with you Taters3

The man is not fit for purpose

It’s not about Carver…It’s about Ashley

I’d rather have a Geordie Manager than some Pardewesq manager, he really does have passion for the club and perhaps he can manage to sway the all mighty Ashley into buying big. So easy to blame him for the recent bad run but we’ve had key players sent off and difficult fixtures. This whole website is about Ashley out yet anyone with a modicum of power at the club seems to be Satan.

I really don’t agree with an attack on Carver!!
I was under the impression that this was an Ashley out campaign and not a Carver out campaign. Lets keep things focussed on Ashley and not on his staff.
I think John Carvers heart is absolutely in the right place, he is not in the job for the money!
Lets face it, he hasn’t exactly got the most fantastic squad to work with at the moment, stacks of injuries and 2 key players out with red cards.
Having said that, I’m not convinced Carver is right the man for the job and making Carver a permenant manager would be a mistake.
Right now, there’s nothing to gain by attacking either Carver or the players!!

Wor Lad
Disagree, Carver’s choice not ours

He’s connected to Ashley and along with his mate Pardew backs the regime so he becomes a symptom of the bigger problem.
This inept individual was appointed by the said regime without a modicum of thought going into it and look at the result a few months later !

BOOM! Make him read it…I’ve said all along he contradicts everything he says..

Excellent points, well made.

The man continually contradicts himself and cannot talk properly.
This was pointed out by the lads that do the pod casts for the True Faith magazine with some hilarity.
The man just tries to use some long words in his interviews to appear sophisticated but has no idea what the words mean which leads to sentences that make absolutely no sense !

Coach Clagnut
He was taught by the master of fluent gibberish, deflector of blame and self – publicist. Step forward A.Pardew Esq., late of this parrish. He admits he still takes advice from the pinhead and is proud to call him a mate. Fair game in my opinion.

Killit the Bulb
just a thought. Noticed a lad the other day carrying a kind of sports bag from a high street sports retailer. This bag was very distinctive . It was bright yellow with a black logo. The shop in question?…….JD Sport…. Keep Up…. How about a subtle protest to My Cashley(being as their will always be fans who will attend) in the form of thousands of JD Sport Tshirted Geordies. JD Sport might already sell such shirts. Dunno, Maybe some Geordie entrepreneur might buy, and sell on the last few matchdays, 1000 bright yellow T shirts and iron on logo. Could be worn as a vest and at a pre agreed time etc etc. Subtle as a punch in the gut. Just a thought. Great article. Killit, Brum

Great idea.

Good idea!

Killit the Bulb – I totally agree. Been saying it for a while. To Ashley Newcastle is just a great way to advertise his product, with premier league football being screened all over the world and his sports direct logo reaching the eyes of millions. Instead of those red cards which to be honest you couldn’t read what they said on the tele, hand out loads of cards just saying JD Sports for people to hold up on the 34th minute; get banners saying ‘JD Sports’ in the crowd etc. It won’t make much difference but will piss him off more than cards reading’ Ashley Out’