The words of everyone in and around the club at present.

In the minority – an amorphous club, showing the utmost disrespect, delight at cutting the wage bill and absolutely no support, sending the poor lad packing with words just similar to thoseā€¦and over a telephone.

The alleged treatment of such a much-loved footballer, is nothing short of a disgrace and further emphasises the lack of empathy and professionalism a club and especially an owner can show. This hasn’t stopped with the cheap PR antics in recent weeks and Jonas took the fight to the club it seemed, attempting to catch every one of their deceitful, abysmal attempts to further generate a media whirlwind that temporarily appeases the masses.

Just what was the club trying to achieve?
Jonas, who’s from a minute group of men, a group of the elite that have fought and defeated cancer. Just like that Tyneside great, the one and only Sir Bobby Robson, our Black and White clad Spiderman has cast a web of hope for all similar sufferers. Anyone with a heart will have had it filled to the brim with nothing other than love for Gutierrez, and as such, they too say “go Jonas” or maybe it’s more of a “Ho’way bonny lad” for an Argentine that will forever be at home on Tyneside.

To you, our superhero playing on the left or right, if ever there was ever an advertisement for sticking at what you love, fighting the good fight, and grabbing the bull by the horns, you would be it.

We salute you, we will continue to fight the good fight for our club, and of course – all the best for the future!