Mike Ashley is not untouchable.

The untouchable do not need to deal with supporter unrest unless they believe it poses a real threat to them.

Ahead of the burgeoning publicity being achieved by the #BoycottSpurs campaign, Mike Ashley has already begun deploying his numerous flunkies in an attempt to quash, discourage and disparage the protest.

All of a sudden, with fan unrest bubbling palpably at the surface, significant summer investment is being talked about in statements by club officials.




Over the next fortnight, expect to hear from former players and pundits on the payroll of the club, piping up from the ether with statements condemning the “disloyalty” of fans or the “futility” of the planned protests.

Expect to hear dissenting voices urging you to “support the team not the regime” as though this action wasn’t possible without further lining Ashley’s pockets and further fueling his power over the club (which he incidentally wields to the direct detriment of the team you want to support).

Expect to be told by people you’ve never met what your expectations are for the club, and how they’re too high – expect no commentary from these same people that the primary business plan of the club is to collect TV revenue from the Premier League’s TV deal and advertise a tatty sports company whilst suffering as little by way of overheads as possible – overheads being the category into which all footballing matters fall.

Don’t believe the hype. He’s not untouchable.