AshleyOut.com urge all fans of Newcastle United, and indeed any other football fan who sympathises with our cause, to participate in an embargo on all of Mike Ashley’s businesses and those who have associated themselves with our club.


This will be a permanent and extensive embargo until Mike Ashley has cut all his ties with our club. It is an act of defiance that EVERY fan around the globe can participate in and every fan can choose the extent to which they participate.


It is clear that Ashley’s sole motivation is money. The decisions he has made in line with this have been to the detriment of the team, the welfare of the fans and the club’s heritage. This damage will continue while the loyalty of our fanbase is exploited. In the five years since Mike Ashley made any contribution to the club, our fanbase has spent £123m on match days alone. It is time for us to stop financing what has become nothing more than his shop’s advertising vehicle.


AshleyOut.com is an all-inclusive, UNITED movement against one man only. We refuse to criticise any fan for their dedication to the club and we refuse to tell any fan what they must do. However, we ask every fan, what can you sacrifice to ensure Mike Ashley gets not a penny more?


We urge all fans to use and share the information about how to cancel season tickets, restrict spending at the club, avoid the many businesses and brands under embargo and use instead the alternatives presented here on AshleyOut.com. We want to ensure as little of our hard earned money as possible finds its way to Mike Ashley either directly or indirectly. We also wish to press upon the business partners of Ashley that their business interests are also under embargo from Newcastle United fans until they cut ties with him.


An embargo is not a particularly visible protest, nor does it immediately satisfy the desire to show your anger and be heard. However, it is a long-term, attritional battle that will hasten Ashley’s exit from our club as his association becomes a toxic drain on his resources rather than ours.


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AshleyOut.com needs your help.  If you have any further information, requests or suggestions in this area please let us know at contact@ashleyout.com