Mike Ashley’s selection and treatment of football managers (or ‘head coaches’ as the club like to call them nowadays) for Newcastle United has been sketchy to say the least. It includes a number of unqualified former or lower league managers, a promoted assistant manager and two desecrated club legends. Two important common themes are the fact they were all fairly cheap in terms of compensation and wages (compared to more proven managers) and the few respectable ones were rather quickly dispensed with under questionable circumstances.
Colin Hoffman
Where’s Carver in that list?

Emma Gray
to rubbish to get mentioned in that list ha ha ?

Sam Allardyce is a highly respected Manager with a lot of experience , and Chris Houghton is a fine Manager . Even Alan Pardew was a great Manager for you until you turned on him because you want the moon on a stick . I put it to you that you do not understand Football , Sir .

Kevin Petitt
I feel extremely sorry for the loyal fans of Newcastle United who have seen their their beloved football team systematically destroyed by Mike Ashley. I am myself a supporter of Manchester United but i know the pride and passion behind the people of Newcastle. Newcastle United should belong to their fans. Long live Newcastle United a superb football team.

Galactic Gerente
I thought Ashley was pretty dedicated to the club until fans forced him to fire Sam Allardyce and turned on him when Keegan did his usual leaving in a hissy fit?

Dave R
Like fans forced him to fire Pardew i suppose?

More than just a hissy fit my friend. It was found in court to be constructive dismissal.

Ashley? Ha ha ha……what a fucking joke.