Classic watch design of Rolex Datejust

When it comes to the most famous watch design of all time, there’s a lot of discussion. For many, the design is a rolex replica. Many would argue that the mighty Submariner claims the prize, while I’m of the school of thought that argues the humbler, more utilitarian Datejust deserves the gong.
The Datejust has been around for a long time — it debuted in 1945. What’s amazing, though, is how little the design has changed over the decades — a point that goes a long way to ensuring the design’s longevity. Over time, the watch was etched into the language of good design. It’s functional and clean, but clear, clear, Rolex.
This model carries so many of those Datejust hallmarks: the fluted bezel, the Oyster bracelet, the Cyclops — not to mention the Oyster case itself. All these things are so quintessentially Rolex.
In fact, this version is in Rolesor-steel and Everose gold. The 36mm case size is also classical to me. Today’s men’s replica watches may be a bit small, but in my opinion, they are timeless in size. This watch will still be going strong in another 30 or 40 years, and I’m willing to bet that this case size won’t look outlandishly large or small.
The dial here is crisp and white, with applied Romans that adds to the dressy flair of this unique Datejust, but it would be just as easy to lean into the more casual vibes with a different dial and less obvious gold. So while the steel sports model has everyone up in arms, I think we have every reason to believe that this watch embodies the honorable quality — classic design at its best.