General Review of fake Rolex Daytona

Replica Rolex Daytona is one of the most famous and sought-after watches in the universe. This is the ultimate racing watch, a timing tool that blends fashion with functionality. With more than 50 years of tradition and history, this watch is a true legend among legends. Only its beauty and ability to break incredible records can surpass its legacy. Whether you prefer a dressy watch or a sporty one, Daytona appeals to your inner passion.
Rolex is famous as the main sponsor for the Daytona endurance car race, a competition that was the inspiration for the watch’s name. At first, the watch was mainly worn by the drivers and fans that took part in the race, but as its fame continue to grow more and more watches aficionados opted for having a Rolex Daytona on their wrist regardless if they were racing fans or not.
The dial of the Rolex Daytona replica is clean, but complicated. The amazing functionality is masked by an apparent simplicity, but believe me, there is nothing simple about this watch. This model, in particular, indulge our sight with a nice contrast between the smooth black dial and the vibrant red small dials, seconds markers and hands.
Rolex is famous for its amazing Oyster cases that seal the watch perfectly and protect it from any water and pressure damage up to depths of 100 meters. One of the most shocking things about a Rolex watch is its inside mechanism and the Daytona enjoys one of the most popular movements on the market. The distinctive quality of this mechanism is the Paracharom hairspring that enabled a better resistance to temperature variations and shocks. Needless to say, my Rolex Daytona doesn’t have the fancy caliber 4130 movement.
I like my Rolex Daytona. I am very impressed with the functionality. Of course, the winding crown has to be first unscrewed so you can push it – just as the real one does. Also, the watch keeps good time. If I don’t wear it for a few days and power reserve is depleted, a few shakes put the movement back in motion.
The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with black dial and red hands is a nice watch that is known for its high performance and stylish design so naturally everyone dreams of owning one. I saw my dream come true when I ordered a replica. Now, I enjoy this Daytona replica all the time. This is a Rolex watch. It works well and looks authentic. I’m really happy.