Rolex GMT-Master II Setup – How to Track Three Time Zones

For more than 60 years, the Rolex gmt-master series has been the last word in luxury travel watches. The system was established in 1955 at the request and cooperation of Pan Am Airlines to help the airline’s pilots avoid the worst effects of jetlag, allowing them to master both GMT time (UTC) and local time at their final destination.
To do so, Rolex borrowed from the concept of the rotating bezel they introduced a few years ago, marking it with a 24-hour scale and installing an extra hour hand on the dial to make it run at half speed. On the earliest Rolex gmt-master replica watches, the two hands were directly connected to each other, meaning they could not be placed separately. To read the second time zone, the panel must rotate to align the number with the GMT hand.
However, in 1983, Rolex introduced ref. 16760, the debut gmt-master II, sometimes referred to as the Fat Lady. The unflattering nickname comes from the fact that the case is thicker and wider to accommodate the Cal.3085 requirement, the first time the case has separated the hands. Not only is it now easier to display two time zones, it can also be used to display a third.
Although the movement has been changed and escalated since then, the fundamentals are the same. The modern version of the gmt-master II is not only one of the most popular and difficult to buy Rolex watches, but also has extremely complex practical functions in everyday life.
First off, in this article we’ll use two terms that you need to understand: “home” time and “current” time.
Family time is the time of your life. As a side note, many purists believe that the GMT of a watch should always be kept at Greenwich mean time, which is still the measure of time around the world, no matter where you live. This makes it easier to quickly reference multiple different time zones, because you only need to remember the number of hours they are offset (ahead or behind) from GMT.
During the flight, to help the body adjust to the time difference, Rolex GMT-Master II owners can set the regular 12-hour pointer to the time of the destination (the current time) and the 24-hour GMT pointer to show the time of the home city (home time). Then they can read the current time usually from the dial, and their home time from the corresponding number, 24 hours finger to the bezel.
While all replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches can display a third time zone, it is important to note that only two time zones can be read simultaneously.
For example, if a person living in California is currently on a business trip in New York, they can read the current time in New York on the dial as normal, while the 24 hour hand shows the time of their return home in California in the accompanying 24 hour scale on the bezel.
If they decide they want to find the time in London, and know that London was home from California 8 hours ago, all they need to do is rotate the border 8 hours ahead and the time in London will be indicated by the numeral that the 24-hour hand points to on the bezel.
However, as the panel has been rotated, the 24 hour hand no longer shows the time in California, because the Rolex GMT-Master II does not have a secondary 24 hours scale printed on the dial. So, while the watch can’t display all three zones at once, switching to the reference third area is a fairly quick and easy task.
The rotating bezel gives the Rolex GMT-Master II a step ahead of its close cousin the Explorer II. The watches have shared a movement throughout their respective histories, until recent upgrades. However, while Explorer II can also set the pointer independently for two hours, the fixed bezel means it cannot be used to read a third zone.
So, we have it, how to set the fake rolex GMT-Master II to display three time zones. If you’re not used to looking at a 24-hour clock, it may take some getting used to; However, those unique split-tone bezels are not just for display. These two colors represent day and night, allowing the wearer to tell the difference at a glance.
There are now black and brown around commonly referred to as Root Beer, blue and black (the Batman) or the original red and blue (the Pepsi), the GMT-Master II catalog of the best-known Rolex brands, along with some of the most iconic timepieces in the entire luxury watch factory.