BoycottSpurs protest announcement notes with interest the call, originating from @NUFC_Stats and endorsed by many, for a boycott of the Tottenham Hotspur game due to be televised by Sky Sports from St. James’ Park on Sunday 19th April at 4pm. will actively participate in this boycott and promote any such action, endeavouring to provide materials, manpower and publicity. This is a perfect example of the sort of direct action always planned to encourage and support. We will work alongside all supporters and supporter representatives to ensure the protest is successful.

We would like to invite you to join us for a visual and audible protest in Leazes Park starting 30 minutes before kick-off (3:30pm) and continuing until full-time, followed by a post game protest under the Milburn Stand, for which protest materials will be provided.

While encouraging as many as possible to participate, our primary motivation will always be to unite fans in action against Ashley both inside and outside the stadium. Each of us has our own personal motivation for deciding to join the boycott of this particular game as a form of protest or not and we respect that. If you feel you cannot miss the game for whatever reason, but sympathise with our protest, we would encourage you to join us for the pre-match protest at the Leazes end, where we can provide you with protest materials to express your discontent with Mike Ashley inside the stadium, and to join us for the post game protest under the Milburn Stand.

Whether people choose to boycott or attend the match, apathy is no longer a viable option.


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Reg Burlam
Great stuff guys! very fast on the movement. Lets just hope that people have the guts and commitment to actually make a difference and not just sit idle, criticise and moan. Lets do this.

Gordon Wilkinson
Great idea but most of the sheep don’t have the balls to boycott,

Reg Burlam
That’s why everything needs to be done to get them to! all forms of media, grab people by the scruff of the neck if need be. We’ve sat idle far too long. Other clubs can organise and mobilise and it puts us to shame. We can make a difference and at least get our voices heard.

Grabbing people by the scruff of the neck is exactly the sort of tone you should avoid at all costs. is an organised and well thought out campaign led with respect for people who do and do not protest. A comment such as yours is not helpful although your passion is understandable and admirable. A comment encouraging others to “grab people by the scruff of the neck of need be” is what the anti protestors, media and SJP would thrive on. Let’s keep the fight clean and sensible eh?

Reg Burlam
Clearly it is just a figure of speech. The reality and point is we need to encourage people to actively get involved and not sit on their hands and complain as many have done for a long time. Obviously those who don’t, well that’s their perogative. But if this falls by the wayside through lack of commitment and being undermined by factions of our own. Well then we deserve Ashley and everything he does and no one who did nothing has any right to complain.

Shaker Shakrah
This boycott needs to be bigger
We must see at least half SJP empty

Gary Linney
It would say something to the footballing world…and why stop there? We shoould boycott the rest of the season! I’m not a season ticket holder (Ashley gets NONE of my hard-earned!) but if I was, I’d doubt I;d go to see that shower trying to score a goal, let alone win a game! Get rid of the cancer… get rid of the fcb… ASHLEY OUT!!!

After another spanking coming up at Liverpool on Monday, Im sure this will take shape.

Laurent Robert 32
I’m in. As with the Pinocchio campaign, the work you’re all doing is first class, and I am fully behind you! Thank you.

Aye I’ll be there, boycotting isn’t enough anymore for me.

Female Body Inspector
Should boycott EVERY home game, not just against Spurs! Give the fat parasite a lot of abuse and hopefully jabba will have a heart attack.

I’ll be there. I was first out last time but it’s the wrong thing to do. The thing is, we all agree and need to unite but unfortunately the only thing it will demonstrate is that we aren’t United as many won’t throw away 40 quid they have spent already.

Mark Lloyd
After you lot hounded Pardew out and are now partly responsible for the mess we are in, I wouldn’t let you organise a kids birthday party! So some himility and clear off…

mr newcatle
no just let fat man organise it all is that what your saying or are you one of those who use it as an excuse to have a pee up with your mates idiot

Mark Lloyd
There is a fundamental flaw in your plan. In order for Ashley to sell he needs a buyer. The club has been on the market for years now. A top six finish and continually full gates failed to attract a buyer so how will a half empty, anger filled stadium do any better? And before you add that Ashley will walk away, where’s your evidence? He’s already shown his complete indifference to the previous protests. Smaller gate revenue will only make us less attractive to a future buyer and as the owner is the 5th richest man in the country and will have a mammoth TV deal cash reserve from next season, a walkout won’t cause him too many sleepless nights. The way forward, hard as it may seem, is to fill the place, support the team (poor as it is) and show what potential we could have if run by more ambitious ownership. And on your last commenter…I don’t drink, saw my first home game in 1974, am a true supporter and have seen much darker times than this at SJP over the last 40 years. Things will change in time, they will get better, why don’t you get behind the team and help us get 3 points against Spurs…Ha,way the lads!

Reg Burlam
People like you are the reason we are in the situation we are. Other clubs fans have shown they can come together and mobilize when their clubs are under threat. See Milan, Lazio, Liverpool.

If you’re happy with how yhings are then that’s fine, good for you. But to have the nerve and the audacity to chastise though who want to make a stand. No. Shame on you.

It’s not just about the end game it’s about exposure and making the attempt. Evil seeps while good men do nothing and all that.

Mark Lloyd
And how is my solution so Evil as you put it and yours so righteous? Honestly I’m interested. Tell me how it will help matters and remove the owner and I will sign up today…

Reg Burlam
I was referring to the well known phrase – which of course symbolizes Ashley, not your ‘solution’.

It’s not just about the removal of the owner. It’s about pressure, exposure, making a stand, about proud in our club, out heritage our tradition and our city.

If this forces Ashley to take the club and the sport seriously and gets him to start doing the right then (that’s a big if) then that’s a victory within itself. But at the moment 50,000 silent zombies is confirmation to him that things are a-ok as they are.

At the end of the day we need to be competitive and ran with a football first mentality, however that comes about doesn’t matter.

Mark Lloyd
I understand fully the desire to make a stand. I want to as well, but emptying the ground won’t help anything in the long run. Why don’t we set about raising the 200 million needed to buy the club instead? 100,000 supporters buying a £2000 bond each would do it. Then we put in who we want. Buy surely is a more positive way to move forward?

Reg Burlam
It’s not just about the long run, it’s about the short term impact and exposure as well. The start we need to show Ashley and the world, actually this isn’t axceptable and we won’t stand for it anymore.

What you say is a great idea and I’m sure something being considered in the longer term. The poiny is we need to start somewhere and this is a good start.

The absolute worst thing we can do, and that we have been doing to allow this situation to even have occurred, is do nothing.

I doubt it will be 200million, closer to 300mill given the new tv deals and NUFC is self sufficient at the moment. According to sources the last few days west brom takeover is around 200million. Still, a lot of money I doubt 100k supporters have £3000 to spend buying the club.

Billy E
Mark. I would like to remind you that this club doesn’t have 100,000 fans with £2000 to gamble for a the purchase of a football club.
But if our fans can sacrifice a couple of hours for the purpose of a visual symbol of fan unhappiness, it honestly may be worth the effort.
It’s true we’re not as important as we were, thanks to TV money. But if you can’t see that we’ve lost our club and something must be done, then you never will.

Guest 2
And where would the money come from to buy players, fund the operating expenses etc? Its a noble thought, but some form of participation scheme with a kinder owner is the only way fans can ever get involved financially.
We are already operating on a shoe string – what do you think is going to happen from now on in when all players, domestic or foreign, are going to have their values inflated because of the Sky money?
Now is the perfect time for this to take place as Ashley is at a crossroads. He HAS to spend, and more of it, just to stand still. Or he can realise he is never going to and get the hell outta here.
I already wonder if that is what is going on and perhaps Shearer was spot on the money a few months ago. No manager/Coach, a threadbare squad with no signings and as many as possible let go in one way or another (inc. Pardew). Could be clearing the decks for an exit?

Neil Newton
If fans are squabbling over not turning up for one game, imagine the static from fans trying to run the club. “I put more money in so I deserve a bigger say and a role on the board”, Fan group cliques and egos jostling for position and all thinking they know best, their critics shooting them down. Not saying a fan owned club is a bad idea, far from it, I think it’s an excellent idea in principle but our fans are too divided to even put any doubts aside and UNITE in one, 90 minute show of protest. The doubters can say “We told you it wouldn’t work” afterwards if it doesn’t but at least they gave it a go ………but what happens if it does? All fans are being asked to do is stay away for 90 mins. It’s Just One Game, Just Don’t Go! #BoycottSpurs #AshleyOutdotcom

I paid £500 for a bond in the mid 90’s – and look who we ended up with steering the boat.

Brian Pyle
50,000 silent zombies !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reg you’ve made a few daft comments on here , but you really need to wind your neck in mate . ‘grab people by the neck ‘ , ‘50,000 silent zombies’ what ? …. I like thousands of others have gettin off my backside week after week , home and away to watch the Mags , and I must admit the thought of boycotting a match has always appalled me , but I am seriously thinking about it now , but Mark has a point …… You got a season ticket Reg ?

Reg Burlam
So how else would you like to explain the morgue-like atmosphere for the last 18 months? Tell me that.

Not anymore i packed mine in this time last year and glad I did. I still go to the odd away game when and where I can though.

Billy E
I honestly believe that only relegation and financial woes will get the round man to leave, but I can’t bring myself to acknowledge the football club as being alive and well – it’s comatose and totally bereft of enjoyment.

Guest 2
He’s had potential buyers and disrespected them on every occasion. Changed his mind three times now.
Listen, when he bought this Club he was worth 975 million. At the present time he’s worth close to 3 Billion! And yet we can’t field a first team let alone one of any quality. We have to sell to buy, and when that happens we replace with a cheaper version.
Those are the facts of what you continue to support. The man who promised never to take money out of the club has just seemingly increased operating expenses by 28.5 million in one season!
The same man had to spend his own (MASH) money because of his part in getting us relegated. He paid himself back 11 million of that and added the remaining 18 million to the club ‘debt’!
Get real man, ffs.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke)
It’s time to do something…..anything….just something!!!!

Iv’e been a fan since 1960 and this team would struggle in the championship

Slight flaw with your plan Mark. The place has been full for the past eight years with full support from the fans. And look where we are!

…..and by the way “Ha’way the lads” is a Sunderland spelling. Geordies say “Howay the lads” – but as you have been supporting since 74′ you’ll already know that.

Andy Mac
Fatman hasnt ever wanted to sell his spotlight in the world wide advertising campaign that is the Premier league which is why he keeps £129m of “debt” in the accounts.

In 2007 when he bought NUFC his share price was 133p now it’s nearer 650p. His business has benefited from the association with NUFC and has highlighted SD’s presence in areas of the world he’d never have reached from HQ Shirebrook.

Our task is to prove to the Premier league/FA that these actions are taken by an individual who is not a fit and proper person to run this club. Along with the many other concerns such as selling players when the club has no reserve strength, shoving all the profit from NUFC merchandise directly into Shlte Direct, failing to report detailed financial accounts on time, etc etc etc

Jayne Nufc
One man to blame for the mess Nufc is in and its not the sackpardew lot, Mike Ashley, don’t forget it 1965rob
What a clown

Leazes Ender
Good Luck Lads

Jayne Nufc
Count me in, about time #AshleyOut UTD111
See you there!

my son and myself are in.sick of the dross we are served each week,sick of the fat shop keeper taking the piss each season.lets rid our club of this parasite.ASHLEY OUT

Cameron Westwood
I will be at the after match demonstration.

Neil Newton
What can fans do about Mike Ashley’s slow strangulation of the club’s ambition,
passion, atmosphere and future hopes and dreams? The simple answer is to club
together to raise money with which to buy him out. A rough calculation based on
a £300 million buyout by 50,000 fans = £6000 per fan. That’s IF he wanted to
sell of course. How about a protest? There have been many, none of which were
successful because the owner doesn’t listen, doesn’t care, while the various
fans groups are too divided. Any successful campaign needs solidarity not
infighting and a common cause not egos and personalities jostling for position.
The one common theme that keeps being repeated is a boycott, so what’s stopping
us? Too many people with too much to say and being too quick to criticise
that’s what. Here’s another question, what are Newcastle fans renowned for?
Filling their ground, despite underachieving and having won nowt for years. Now
imagine the following scenario –

“We’re here at an unusually quiet St James’ Park for today’s fixture between Newcastle
United and Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs were, allegedly, Mike Ashley’s boyhood

“The referee gets the game underway and the ground is, apart from the away fans
section, virtually empty. This is an incredible statement made by Newcastle
fans and one that will surely shock those of you watching who are used to
seeing St James’ Park a sea of black and white”!

“Half time here at an eerily desolate St James’ Park. However, in the town centre it
is bursting to the seams with home fans watching the game in the cities bars
and restaurants, our reporters have been with them and the mood is one of
defiance and solidarity”!

the press coverage of such an event? A successful boycott done once will make
it easier to do it again at another televised home fixture and would give fans
some leverage. “We’re shit and we’re sick of it” goes the chant. Really? Then please put aside any petty personality clashes or criticisms and unite. It’s really, really simple. It’s
Just One Game, Just Don’t Go! #BoycottSpurs

Too much cash for the little fish, like me. There’s gotta be a way to make smaller shares available to people with less means. I agree with fan ownership wholeheartedly, but it has to be more inclusive than just 50,000 people with 6,000 pounds to spare.

Neil Newton
I wasn’t seriously expecting people to do that, I was just giving a rough example based on average crowd attendance divided by 300 million. My main point was about the impact of a virtually empty ground and the media reaction.

I see.

I don’t see why, though, things couldn’t be set up so people could buy shares according to their ability. I don’t have a lot of cash to spend, but I’d gladly buy a few share if they were available for, say, the cost of a few tickets on game day or a replica kit.

A yearly membership or subscription or something? To chase that evil !##!#@% out of the club? You bet.

Then once we’ve bought the club for our initial outlay of £6,000 we’ll need money to rebuild the squad and run the club on a day to day basis. I’d guess about £20,000 per supporter would just about do it….

Hang on – I didn’t realise I had that in my back pocket all along!

It’s easy to be negative about this and I don’t claim to know the financial side well enough, but it can be done.

Many clubs are fan owned, at least in part. They have models that make it work. We can start to use their techniques.

It can be done. Where are the financial and legal minds to make it happen? I’m not up to it, I can tell you that for sure, but someone is.

oren david
I agree! please open a new website to promote fans to put money and together buy out the club, there are more than 50,000 fans that would put the money.

I’ll be there supporting the protest. I stopped going to the ground couple seasons back…never ever bought anything related to shyte direct, in fact saw a lad walking round Toon with said carrier bag and felt so annoyed. I hope fans pull together for this as it’s about time.. why stop with ashley….EVERYBODY OUT ha.

Andrew Reed
Another good idea on paper but unless EVERY fan boycotts the game it’ll have zero impact on getting Ashley out. He’s a businessman, he is used to customers(fans in this case) complaining so what makes you think a few hundred fans making a noise will change anything? All fans need to boycott every home game to have any impact. Most will already have tickets so, with the exception of a few sundries inside the ground, it won’t affect the club at all on a financial level. The previous Pardew protests were something of an Anti-Climax in all honesty, especially given the media coverage beforehand. Don’t renew season tickets, buy merchandise or anything which puts money into the club coffers. Do this for a season or two and he’ll leave. One game is a good start, but it’s just not enough to force him out.

Guest 2
And make the anti SD message just as clear. We need to embarrass his baby just as much as him live on tv. Use his own shareholders to put pressure on him

Michael Butters
We need to do something and need to do it now. Lets not make this thing half hearted the crowd need to be united together to show Mike Ashley that we mean business. He does not care about bad press but playing in front of an empty stadium with the cameras there for a live match will show the world what we, Newcastle supporters have to put up with. Hit him in his pocket boycott Sports Direct boycott the merchandising and the stadium that’s the only language this man understands. He has no love or affiliation with Newcastle United unlike the 50,000 who turn up week after week and as long as we turn up and keep the tills ringing he will never leave. Play against Tottenham with only the Spurs fans present. It will never happen though but we can make it happen

Guest 2
I think this approach is the right way. Not everyone can bring themselves to stop going, so calling for people inside the ground to also stand up and be heard is a good move.
Of course, too many of them are just Saturday ‘day outers’ and don’t care anyway, but there should be enough real support left to generate noise and dissent.
One way or another, make your voice heard – that’s what this is all about.

Thomas Charilaou
Quite right, ashley is killing our once-brilliant club, he doesn’t even see it as a football club, to him, it’s a money-making machine.

Guest 2
Extend an invitation to ex players who are on our side. Shearer, Lee, Albert, Nobby etc. Garnish some additional media attention with weight behind us.

Jan royson
Anybody with a private plane fly the banner ASHLEY OUT over the ground prior to kick off let TV pick it up

Rusty Rustix
I no longer follow football and doubt that many so called “Fans ” will boycot any game as most seem to be spineless gobby sheep !……if they actually cared about Newcastle they would stand “United”,good luck in your endeavors I wish you well !…………..

Brothers and sisters, this is good news but the next step surely must be
FAN OWNERSHIP. Is anyone seriously working on this? If I could buy a
small share in the club, I’d happily do it. And I’d skip the pint, pie
and kit to do it too. Somebody with the financial and legal smarts to
get this ball rolling and make sure even the humblest fans can get a
share… I’d LOVE IT, LOVE IT if we could make that happen.

Matthew Ingledew
Well then you just need to find 200,000 willing to put £1500 in

Yeah, or fewer shares for less wealthy fans, more shares for wealthier ones. It can be done! I couldn’t afford much, but I’d definitely do it.

But this just BUYS the club. Where’s the money coming from to rebuild the team and run the club?

Don’t know “if I’m honest.”

Isn’t the club 20M in profit this season?

How do the other great fan-owned clubs do it, like Barca & Real Madrid? Where are the financial minded fans out there? Guide us, O wise ones!

Richard Mark Fenwick
Right behind you here lads, this is the only way. I’d encourage people to put this into context, its one match, its only Spurs, lets use our feet to demonstrate our feelings live on TV. Going to the match these days is only an excuse to see the lads for a pint anyway!

No surrender boys and keep up the good work.

John Nufc Taylor
I will b joining pre match protestbut then going in to protest more inside during match .

A mass stadium walk out would have more TV impact and could snowball into a nearly totally empty stadium in my opinion.

Following the usual minutes applause on 17 minutes 50k Geordies stand up and leave the stadium? Just a thought.

Keep up the good work.

I’ve let my season ticket go after 30 years and I pay as I go now – I have choice, my money in my bank not Ashleys.

I wont be at the Spurs match.

My mate’s let his company two season tickets go, one of which was his dad’s and was difficult to do.

Just how many have decided not to renew – can someone get these figures? This will hurt to publicise as I think it will be very substantial.

Stage a peaceful sit in on the pitch. The stewards would struggle to remove 4 or 500 people sitting on the grass. Delaying the game would grab loads of headlines. A fund me account could be set up to cover anyone who gets fined.
SKY would be there to give it loads of publicity.

Amazing idea!

Gary Linney
Those who don’t boycott the game should stage a sit in… best of both, eh? Just a thought

Clive Lancaster
This is what I have wanted to happen for years now. A mass protest outside the ground on a match day when TV cameras are there. Money is the only thing Ashley understands and the sooner we get rid of this man the better.

Rob Turnbull
I’m right behind you and will be there. My worry however is this
Assuming Ashley does sell up, where are the potential buyers? This is not 1992, there is no Sir John Hall on the horizon with the necessary funds to take the club forward. To buy Ashley out would take around £300 million plus the millions we owe him in loans, and that’s before we even get to thinking about investing in the squad. To even think of top 6, you would be talking the best part of £50/60 million in today’s transfer market. We are talking Man City levels of investment here. Ashley has the club by the throat

Montagu Montgomery
I’m sad to say that I suspect that we’ll see another damp squib of a protest as the vast majority of fans simply go to the match regardless. Maybe 2 – 3,000 will boycott the game and some pubs will make a few bob extra.

A full house that then walks out at half time would be much more newsworthy – as we saw when streams of mackems left the stadium of plight during their drubbing by Villa. That was so obvious, even though it wasn’t an organised protest, that it led to action. But, again, it won’t happen.

For quite some time now I have been convinced that Ashley enjoys winding up the Toon fans. And he no longer needs so much in the way of gate receipts as the TV money is so huge.

What he dislikes are personal verbal attacks as he is very thin-skinned. But he won’t show his face at the Spurs game to receive the abuse. Unless you can get some serious press on board in a big way he’ll be able to ignore the protests.

I’ve followed the Toon for nigh on 50 years now, through thin and thin, and the current regime is far and away the worst, of a very bad lot overall, that we’ve ever been lumbered with. But I don’t think we’ll have any effect on the timing of Ashley’s leaving.

The very worst thing about the derby result is that I wasn’t too bothered. Even my mackem mate – whose TV we were watching the game on – couldn’t be arsed to crow too much. He sympathised with me FFS!

I no longer live in the North East, so I wouldn’t be at the game anyway, but good luck with whatever protests that can achieve any recognition from the Fat Bastard that he needs to go.

Sean Mckeon
Right, basically not enough people are going to boycott to make any difference and he already has our money. That might be defeatist but it’s realistic. So, my suggestion is we all turn out backs to the pitch on 17 minutes while we have our minute’s applause for the MH17 lads. I didn’t know either of them but from what I’ve heard about them, they’d approve and we’re all engaged in doing something on 17 minutes anyway, so it’s just another step.

It’s not going to hit him in the pocket, which is the only thing that will really hurt him, but it would give out a very public and consistent message that we’re sick. It also allows all those people who refuse to miss the match a way of taking part without losing the opportunity to watch the match and support their team. Surely everyone can stand to miss 1 min of action/inaction?

If that works, we could then pick one of his rivals (DW Sports maybe, assuming he doesn’t own it), and do the same at the next match but this time hold up banners/wear t-shirts or whatever advertising them to rival the free Sports Direct advertising he’s milking the club for?

Just a few thoughts but they seem a lot more achievable, attention grabbing and in terms of the rival advertising, potentially irritating to him at least, than giving up something you love and have already paid for?

Jason Bateman
Yes Ashley out sounds a good idea BUT…Last time there was one of these Newcastle were hanging too close to relegation. I would like to support the team until the end of the season..WHY? Were in exactly the same situation. Were too close to a relegation fight and I would prefer to get the team to the end of the season. Last time It caused too much negativity, the mood in the ground was dead, players stopped playing and we were relegated.

Hi everyone, you may not remember me from the pardew out campaign, I asked for the big banner from the window as I sit directly infront of the dog outs.
Moving away from that, I’m a season ticket holder and I’m fully behind this. But would it be advisable to give fans who feel they can’t miss the game alot of visual messages to get our point across aswell?
In all honesty I hope people do this, but I can’t see it happening. Too many bottlers.

Guest 2

The parasite in action…….. Theghostof Captnkidd
We either get behind this now or bend over and grab our ankles for the rest of time. Put up or shut up. given what we are being served up I don’t know why anyone would need persuading to stay away.

Free the toon
To keep the pressure on after the boycott we should go to the Sports Direct HQ and protest outside there. Imagine 5k fans disrupting the lorries going in and out singing anti ashley and sports direct songs.

This would hopefully generate bad publicity and make the other shareholders take action. Its just an idea but it would make Ashley squirm.

If we did this every weekend once the season ended until the season restarts they would soon get pissed off. It would be like an away day fixture every week.

Boycott the last game of the season – West Ham – that’s guaranteed to come off… –

Jason Bateman
Get behind the team until were safe, then we can skip the last few games of the season.. IF WERE SAFE BY THEN???

Andy Mac
Getting behind the team has resulted in what, so far ??????? Maybe we could get behind Carver and shove him off a cliff ?

Mike Dawes
I’m Plymouth born but have supported Newcastle since I was 12 years old (19 years and counting). I think the boycott is a great idea in principle I just hope it’s followed through with a little more oomph then the Pardew protest against Hull was. I agree with previous comments that unless at least half the ground or more is empty this boycott will make little to no impact on Ashley at all. It still might not anyway as he’s pretty thick skinned as well as rolling it in as owner. It’s probably going to take a few of these to really get under his skin and I honestly think it will eventually come to some form of season ticket boycott as well and will the loyalists really go that far in large enough numbers in the end? I hope so as I really cannot stand what has happened to this once great club. Nowadays if we’re not fighting for survival then our season ends in January, with the window closing and no business done. That cant be right surely? I wind up left wondering what is the point? It would be hypercritical of me all the way down in Plymouth to urge locals to do what geographically I cannot, but at the same time without action there will be no change. HTL!

I fully support the efforts to rid my club of this leech of an owner but would a walk out after we had once again paid tribute to our sadly departed brothers on 17 minutes not be a bigger statement of intent. I defy sky cameras not to cover that Theghostof Captnkidd
Boycott yeh, but protests in front of cameras outside St James is needed too. We have to become toxic to SD.

oren david
You wanna kick the bastard out, how about u protest outside his home for 2 weeks, every day and see how he gives up, u really think he cares about those protests? your need to interfere with his personal life thats the only way he will care.

futile and merely a irrelevance !

Damien Phelan
Are you able to organise a petition signature list so that we can gather force in numbers for fans who aren’t local to the ground and for our fan bases abroad?