Given that this website is maintained by a large, anonymous group of like-minded Newcastle United fans it is understandable that some people would be suspicious of our intentions and the fact we launch with a “Donate” button.
We must first make it clear that there is absolutely no obligation to send money and that we will strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, with the initial investment in domain name acquisition, hosting, etc. as well as the campaign starting budget coming out of our own pockets to get things underway.
Furthermore, in the future this post will outline exactly where the funds come from and where they go, showing all Paypal donations along with any fees incurred, plus invoices for all of the work that is undertaken when we launch our individual campaigns.
Money will specifically be spent on promotional material directly related to the primary goal of this website, which could include (but not be limited to) banners, billboards, flags leaflets and/or other methods of applying public pressure to Mike Ashley at and around Newcastle United matches. We will try to have as visible a presence as possible.
Nobody here will take a penny of any money raised. Anything left in the pot when our objective is achieved will be donated to a local charity of our choice and proof of that will be quickly forthcoming at the time too, just as it was for the remainder of the campaign fund that was donated to the North East volunteer group supporting the homeless Making Winter Warmer.

Fair play for setting this up. Time to send the fat man packing!!!!!
ciaran williams
Is there anything we can do to make a real statement ???
Theghostof Captnkidd
Good that its anonymous , however a suggestion put a blog section in that can be run by the members with an administrator and it will keep the site fresh, alive current and interesting and do some of the work for you. bloggers posts attract readers . it allows bloggers to input their own ideas plus can be an unofficial responder to local newspaper articles, there again doing some work for you and leaving you to get on with running the main issues of the site.
crawler ! lol
Whilst i felt that the sack Pardew initiative was misguided I fully support this one – at last we got there!
Craig Houston
Why campaign anonymously?
Theghostof Captnkidd
Billionaire have the power to destroy people. I have nothing to take or loose but still ran my old site anonymously but maybe the people running this have businesses that could be ruined by Ashley. I have no problem with anonymity in this.
Kevin Wright
Hi there Good luck with this initiative, I had pleasure of
standing with one of the people behind this site at Cullercoats Club on Sunday
watching the derby fiasco unfold….. have been thinking that the best way to
hurt Ashley is by targeting the Sports Direct brand. I would suggest somehow getting
t-shirts printed with a large DW Sports logo (or another competitor) on and
these be given out to wear before a home match. I removes the need for
something negative which could effect the team “performance” but would impact
on Sports Direct with 52,000 choosing to promote Ashley’s rival. I remember
this was done a few years ago with the “Save Our Seats” campaign where I think
the News of the World sponsored the printing. I don’t know is there is a paper
that would support it these days… not sure who is banned at the moment.
If this is to be successful you need media backing sooner rather than later. What better way than to start at the next home game against Tottenham. A visual display if empty seats would be the best way but I can’t see many others not attending. Even for one game to make a point! My seat will be empty. If you have a season ticket consider doing the same!
my seat will be empty for the rest of the season and no renewal for me after that.starve the fat man of our hard earned.ASHLEY OUT
your seat is empty even when you are sat in it ! lol
Mark James Dryden
Great idea and I’ve been saying it for a while unfortunately I don’t think it will work because our fans are not UNITED just look at the 60/69 minute fiasco at Cardiff last year we couldn’t even agree on what time to walk out! Then how many actually did it 5k tops?
The argument of “we’ve already paid our money it won’t make a difference” it’s for the visual effect during a Live Sky match as a message to Mike Ashley! If he wasn’t bothered about protest why did he ban the chronicle for covering one?
Anothet idea would be to protest outside his Newcastle sports direct stores on home match day so they don’t make a penny that day.
Unfortunately as an Irish NUFC fan in Dublin I wont be at the Boycott however I hope my contribution helps – We’ve been getting hollower as a club from the moment the MA took over and the weekend I feel really was the final straw for many people